The Scan Button & Scanning Station

Modified on Thu, Nov 30, 2023 at 12:12 AM

Use the Scan button in the application to start the scanning station when you are ready to scan kits, trays, bins, or batches. 

Typically, you will use the scanning station for two reasons:

  • Scan Kits and Trays
  • Batch Verification Scans

Before you can begin scanning, there are several setup steps that need to be completed. 

  • Set your default scanner
  • Meet scanning requirements
  • Tag items, kits, and bins
  • Create inventory

When you have completed a scan you can view the scan results

Set Your Default Scanner

If your facility has more than one KitCheck scanning station, you can set the default scanner for the workstation you are using.

  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Scan button.
  2. Select Set Default Scanner.
  3. Select the scanner you want to associate with this station.
  4. Click Set Default

This preference can be changed at any time by repeating the steps above.

Scanning Requirements

To scan kits and trays, ensure the following conditions are met prior to scanning:

  • No more than one kit is in the scanning station.
  • The kit has a kit tag applied on the outside of the kit or tray.
  • The doors of the scanning station are completely closed.
  • All used items and trash are removed from the kit.
  • No extra KitCheck-tagged stock is sitting on top of or directly underneath the scanning station.
RFID Scanning Power!
The hardware of the scanning station is so powerful that if the door of the scanning station isn't completely closed and/or there are items that have KitCheck tags nearby (on or under) the scanner might be able to pick up tags outside of the kit or tray you are trying to scan! Although that's an amazing amount of power, it will mess up the scan, so make sure you meet the scanning requirements. 

Tag Items, Kits, and Bins 

After you have set your default scanner, navigate to the Tags tab to print tags to use for tagging items, kits, and bins.

Create Inventory

Inventory creation is the process of creating templates for kits and bins. You can also manage your medication formulary and shortages from the Inventory tab. 

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