Pharmacist Verification

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The Pharmacist Verification feature requires a pharmacist or qualified provider to confirm that KitCheck tag data is correct and without errors for all tagged items. This requirement ensures that the correct tags have been applied to the correct units and that all NDC, lot, and expiration data in the application reflect the manufacturer’s label. Pharmacists can only verify items after tags have been attached to the items.

KitCheck automatically requires this process unless specified otherwise. 

Pharmacists can verify items individually or in batches.

Verify an Individual Item

  1. Go to the Inventory drop-down.
  2. Select Manage Items
  3. Scan the QR code on the item's tag, or enter the full EPC manually into the field.
  4. To verify this item, remove the item from the scanning station and enter the NDC, lot number and expiration date printed on the manufacturer’s label. 

Once the item is verified, the Manage Items detail screen for that unit will display which user verified the item, along with a date and time stamp. 

Batch Verification

To verify items in a single batch, all items must have the same NDC, lot number, and expiration date. The batch of same items are placed into the scanning station. A pharmacist or qualified user then clicked the Scan button from the main header. The system will recognize users are trying to verify a batch as seen below.

Next, remove the items from the scanner. Check each physical medication’s label (not the KitCheck tag) to verify the batch has the same NDC, lot and expiration date. Once this information is confirmed, enter the following and select Verify.

  • NDC
  • Lot Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Quantity placed in the scanning station**

Scan a Batch of Already Verified Items

If users perform another scan of a single batch of the same NDC, lot number, and expiration that has already been verified, they will be brought to the Scan Details page, where they'll be able to view a table of all of the items detected in the scanning station. 

Tag Verification After a Kit/Tray Scan

This type of verification occurs if an item was never verified after the tag was printed but still placed into a kit or tray. User scans a kit and receives an error message that the scan was blocked as seen below. 

To verify, users remove the kit from the KitCheck scanner and identifies the item(s) that needs to be verified. Next, select Click here to verify an item at the bottom of the screen. Users then follow the Individual Item Verification steps outlined above using the Manage Items screen.

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