Apply KitCheck Tags to Medications

Modified on Tue, May 28 at 2:12 PM

Vials and Syringes

Remove the tag from the paper backing and fold the white body of the tag along the perforation, adhesive to adhesive. Take the clear tail of the tag and wrap it around the neck or body of the vial or syringe. The clear tail allows all of the manufacturer’s printed information - including the barcode - to remain legible and unobstructed. 

Boxed Medication

For boxed medications, remove the tag from the paper backing and discard the lower, unprinted half of the tag by tearing along the perforation. Apply the tag (including the clear tail) directly onto the box, placing the tag so as to not obstruct any of the manufacturer’s pertinent information or barcode. 

Foil Lined Bags

Any item that has a foil lining will block the RFID signal. As a result, you should have the tag hanging off one of the four sides of the drug's package. 

The photo below serves as an example of how not to tag foil-lined bags. 

As depicted in the photo, the tag is hanging from one of the product's four sides; as a result, the scanner will be able to register this tag. 

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